EDEN™ Epidural Catheter

EDEN™ Epidural Catheter

EDEN™ Epidural Catheter

Epidural Catheter


– EDEN™ Epidural Catheter System is used for the pain reduction, and for the patients who need more than standard epidural catheter for pain management.

– In longer-term and specialized pain management procedures, catheter patency is very important to effective pain management treatment.

– EDEN™ Catheter has high compression strength to resist collapsing on treatment, by its smooth, durable polymer exterior and inner spiral wound stainless steel helix.

– Anesthetic is injected through the internal lumen of the jacketed spring-wire helix, and is uniformly dispersed through the expanded windings at the uncovered distal tip.



pidural catheter, pain management



Spinal stenosis
Herniated disc
Degenerative disc

epidural catheter, pain management

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This product is medical device.
Users must be acquainted with the manual as well as the cautions on use.